CW Skimmer and SDRPlay

CW Skimmer is a software that allows to:
– decode simultaneously on a frequency range:
– either the stations calls,
– or the transmission content.
– display the Morse code (dots/dashes) of a signal.
– generate spots to a local or remote server.
– feed a spectrum window of the frequency range for example the Spectrum window of N1MM.

In input CW Skimmer uses either a 3 KHz audio stream or an IQ stream from an SDR up to 192kHz of bandwidth. It is in the latter case that the use is most interesting. In our case both interfaces were tested interfacing the SDRuno software.

There is also a server version of Skimmer without MMI that can simultaneously decode the calls on 7 amateur bands (if the associated SDR allows that) and provide the corresponding spots.

The attached presentation describes the configurations used for the tests I performed as well as a findings on the use of that software.

CW Skimmer and SDRPlay

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